Is Efia Odo a Christian?

By: Staff Writer

Is Efia Odo a Christian?

Media personality of Kwese TV fame, Efia Odo has said that she stopped going to church due to the complex nature of the religion, Christianity.

She confesses that she grew up in a Christian home and like every child, she followed her parent to church as a Christian. However, as she grew up, she found that the religion had complexities she couldn't understand  and she has sunce stopped going to church.

She says, “I used to attend church when i was young, i would follow my mum to church but as i grew up, i stopped attending church because I don’t really understand what this religion is all about.” 

She admits her belief in a Supreme Being, in the existence of God and Jesus Christ but insists she is overwhelmed by the contradictory dogmas and sects within the Christendom.  She said this during an interview on Hitz fm.

But was unclear if her belief in Christ she meant she was still a Christian.

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